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Events Information


We're happy to announce a return to in-person events with our Open Evening being confirmed for Thursday 14th October 2021. This will be an opportunity for families to meet the pupils and staff of our wonderful school as you make the decision for the next stage of education. You'll have the opportunity to tour the school to see our subjects in action, as well as meet the Head Teacher who will address visitors at 6pm in our Arts Theatre.

This event is also an opportunity for parents and carers of our current Year 7 students to meet form tutors, having missed out on this up until now.

We look forward to seeing you all!!

30.09.2021 - Year 11 Parents Evening

Our first Year 11 Parent's Evening of the year will take place on Thursday 30th September 2021. This sees a return to in-person attendance to meet with staff, as well as a range of providers from colleges, The National Apprenticeship Service and local housing association (who are helping us with our careers programme) all in attendance.

01.07.21 - Sports Day 2021

In a return to some normality after a year of disruption and cancelled events, we finally managed to get back out on the track for our school Sports Day at Longford Park. Our event took place on Thursday 1st July and was lots of fun.

The lasting memory from staff has been the team mentality, and the support of each other throughout the day. Mrs Brookes summed up the day by saying “I’ve really enjoyed being back at Longford Park today. What I’ve really liked is the students and staff supporting each other. Even when students have struggled to finish, we’ve had people going back to help them and cheer them over the line.”

This was a sentiment shared by Miss Shaw who said ”It’s very nice to be back at Sports Day, I’ve had a lovely time. There was a lovely moment when Aaron in Year 10 went back to run with another student over the finish line.” Mr Pearson added “The students have tried really hard, been so kind, and have cheered each other on. It’s really nice to see.”

Mr Grant supervising the discuss noticed the commitment of some of our younger students, “It’s been a beautiful morning and the weather is fantastic; everyone is out there enjoying themselves. I’m shocked how strong they are. I’ve had a little Year 7 almost match the Year 10s!”

10.06.21 - Parent's Forum

Would you like to have your opinions about school matters heard? Register to join our Parent's Forum meetings. 

Please register your interest at least one week prior to the events at

This opportunity is open to all parents of existing students and new/potential students.

Please note: All parent forum meetings will take place via Zoom. Meeting link and password will be sent prior to the event once you have registered to attend.


Next Up...

Thursday 10th June 2021

6.15pm – 7.15pm


1. Maths & English – Parent involvement and online platforms



sessions running 7th April- 14th April

All Sessions are Free- art materials and food packs will be provided!


About Culture Club:
Culture Club is a free online holiday provision which will provide arts, culture and cooking activities during the Easter School holidays. Culture Club is available to young people 11-16 years, during the school holidays, We will support young people and their parents or carers through the arts, celebrate culture as well as supply food and art supplies.


Our Culture Club will provide:
Creative group sessions for young people online to socialise and express themselves through arts and culture.
These include Visual Art, Drama, Poetry and Lyrics/ Rap/ Spoken Word writing with Young Identity, making using Clay with Clay studio, Street Dance, Bhangracise and Make up tutorials.
15x places available on each session.

We will provide free art packs to those signed up to art sessions.
We will provide clay supplies for making clay pots.

Online group cooking sessions for young people to create simple meals using achievable recipes with their free ingredients, to socialise, learn skills in the kitchen with or without support from parent/ carer.
We have 6x cooking sessions in total, 10x places available on each.
We will deliver free food packs to each young person signed up for cooking sessions and will provide healthy recipes for lunches to ease the chore of thinking up new exciting recipes.

Creative Unwind group wellbeing sessions for parents/carers online to socialise, be creative or unwind through arts and culture with Art Therapy.


Community Connecting sessions which brings parents/carers and key local services together for informative, supportive talks and conversations online.


We have confirmed Kooth, The Proud Trust, Salford Foundation, Trafford Youth Cabinet and Talk Shop.


If young people or their parents/carers would like to book onto sessions, they can complete a form on the website by following this link below: 



05.02.21 - Kooth -
Parent and Carer session

Kooth is a free and anonymous digital
emotional wellbeing service

for young people aged 11-18 in Trafford.

This session is designed to give parents and carers an opportunity to learn about the service, what they do, and how they keep young people safe.

This session will cover a brief introduction to the service,
a demo of the website, and an opportunity to
ask them any questions.

Join them on Friday 5th February 2021 12pm - 1pm
by registering via this link.


26.10.2020 - Virtual welcome from the Headteacher

Dear Parent/Carer

Like other schools locally and nationally, we are unable to offer our Open Evening event this year in the normal way. Instead, we are now showcasing our school online via our virtual open event.


Click here to view our new prospectus and virtual tour video.

Click here to view our other taster lesson and tour content.


In addition to this, I am delighted to be offering a virtual welcome Q and A session. This will take place via Zoom, further details are below.

This event will take place on Monday 26th October 2020 at 11am – 12noon. I will be sharing key information about the school’s facilities, subjects on offer and the significant improvements happening at the school under the new leadership. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions in our Q and A session. 

I look forward in being able to share with you the fantastic opportunity Lostock High School offers your child, and the ways the school is improving. I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to meeting with you in person over the zoom session. If you have any questions prior to the event, please get in touch. I have also attached a how to guide to joining the zoom session below.


Zoom details:


Meeting ID: 953 632 7485

Password: 9NcE0Q


Yours sincerely,


Mrs Lindsay Brindley


Lostock High School