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Lunch September 2020


For the first half term of the academic year starting September 2020, we will only be providing lunch via a pre order sandwich service.  This will stop students entering the diner and crossing over the year group bubbles.

Students in year 7 will be given a form on Friday night to take home with them.  The form can be seen below.  Students must indicate what they would like to eat for the following week and return the form to school on Monday morning.

Students in years 8 to 11 will complete a form first thing on Monday morning during form time to indicate their meal choices for the week.

Payments are still to be made via parent pay and meal deductions will be take daily.

In addition to lunch there is an optional slice of toast at break time.

If your child receives Free School Meals they will receive a 3 item sandwich bag and a piece of toast each day.  If they do wish to have a savoury item in addition to their normal sandwich bag then the additional item will need to be paid for separately via Parentpay..

There is a copy of the form below which should explain everything further but if you have any queries please contact school.