Inspire - Transform - Succeed

Staff List

Mr L Fazackerley              Headteacher

Mr S Patel                           Deputy Headteacher

Miss A Barlow                    Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning

Ms H Greatbatch              Assistant Headteacher English and Literacy

Miss E Benfield                 SENCO


English Faculty

Mrs V Dugdale                   Assistant Leader of English

Miss J Charles-Brown     Teacher of English

Miss C Nicholson              Teacher of English

Miss E Winstanley            Teacher of English

Miss R Williams-Silver     Teacher of English

Miss J Jhala                         Assistant SENCO


Maths Faculty

Mr C Grant                          Director of Mathematics

Miss C Shakeshaft           Assistant Leader of Mathematics

Miss L Kemp                       Teacher of Mathematics


STEM Faculty

Mrs R Liptrott                    Faculty Leader

Miss J Fairhurst                 Assistant Leader of Science

Mr W Harness                  Teacher of Science

Mr R Woodhouse            Teacher of Science

Mr G Quinn                       Teacher of ICT

Mr K Ringrose                  Teacher of Design and Technology

Ms A Welsh                      Teacher of Food Technology


HCLS Faculty

Mr M Johnson                   Faculty Leader

Miss D Shaw                     Teacher of History

Mrs R Ferguson               Teacher of Geography

Mrs S Alvi                          Teacher of Religious Education

Mr D Nickerson                Teacher of Geography

Mrs C Olson                      Senior Teacher of French

Mrs L Coop                       Teacher of Spanish

 CAPE Faculty

Mr M Lyons                        Faculty Leader

Mrs D Brookes                  Teacher of PE

Mrs K Clarke                      Teacher of PE

Ms L Stallard                     Teacher of Performing Arts

Mr N Pearson                    Teacher of Art

Mrs K Littlewood              Teacher of Music

Mrs L Davies                      Additional Learning Needs and CAPE Support


Learner Services

Mrs M Bowler                   Head of Learner Services

Mrs C Atkinson                 Head of Key Stage 4/LAC

Mrs C Field                        Head of Key Stage 4

Mrs J Young                      Head of Years 8/9

Miss B Noble                    Head of Years 6/7

Mrs A Connaughton       Early Intervention Officer

Miss S Collier                    ILH Manager

Miss Z Forde                     ILH Teaching Assistant

Mr C Scholes                    The Bridge @ Lostock Teaching Assistant


Support Staff

Mrs A Childs                       Librarian

Mrs M Rimmer                  Receptionist

Mrs P Quigley                   Admin Assistant

Mrs D Smythe                  PA to Headteacher

Mrs E Hughes                   Personnel Officer

Mrs S Chapman               Finance Assistant

Mrs G Martin                     School Business Manager


Site Staff

Mr N Richards                    Site Manager

Mr R Piscopo                      Assistant Site Manager