Inspire - Transform - Succeed

Vision and Ethos

Lostock College is a community secondary school whose focus is on each individual, acknowledging both rights and responsibilities. We have a strong pastoral structure underpinning a curriculum that allows every student to achieve at the highest levels. Academic rigor is valued at all stages, and the classroom focus is on challenge, engagement and achievement. We work with students to develop a complement of basic skills, linguistic, mathematical, scientific, physical, artistic and social to ensure that they have the greatest opportunities to progress successfully through the next stage of their education.

As part of our  ethos and values we work hard to support everyone within our community. We work tirelessly to ensure that each student leaves us with a set of spiritual and moral values encompassing honesty and integrity, tolerance and respect for others. We support our students to help them develop strong self-esteem and high personal expectations. Learning is celebrated in all its forms. The school has a well-qualified and highly committed staff, both teaching and non-teaching and they too are valued as individuals and their learning celebrated. We work hard to support all members of our school community through teaching which is carefully tailored to meet the needs of our students, including bespoke packages for some who cannot access the mainstream curriculum. Likewise we provide carefully selected and tailored training opportunities for staff, to allow them too continually to grow and develop.

INSPIRE             - both staff and students to challenge their own boundaries, raise their aspirations and exceed their own targets.

TRANSFORM   - attitudes so that all have a 'Can Do' attitude, develop resilience and take pride in their achievements.

SUCCEED        - through our school community, become positive and lifelong learners who are always willing to strive to achieve a  dream.