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Ms H Greatbatch Head of English and Literacy
Mrs V Dugdale Assistant Lead for English
Miss J Charles-Brown Teacher of English
Miss S Mehmood Teacher of English
Miss J Jhala Teacher of English / Assistant SENCO


At Lostock High School, we are passionate about our pivotal role as English teachers in developing students’ knowledge of the world through engaging with language and literature.

Students will read widely and often, using challenging texts from different forms and genres to develop their fluency, understanding and cultural capital. Students are guided through classic texts from the English Literary Heritage as well as Shakespeare, a range of poetry, contemporary novels and plays. We will teach students to become expressive, creative and precise in the written word. They will develop their resilience by planning, drafting, editing and rewriting their work to craft excellent work, and also by acting on feedback from peer assessment. They will consolidate and build on their knowledge of spelling, punctuation and grammar in order to become literate and accurate writers. In addition, we are committed to developing students’ oracy skills through discussion, debate and individual presentations.

key sTage three

At Key Stage 3, they will acquire the foundational knowledge that will equip them to achieve highly at GCSE level and beyond, central to which is a secure understanding of the ‘big ideas’ and themes explored by writers, as well as the methods they use. The curriculum is structured around three of these ideas/themes each year which are explored through reading novels, short stories, poems and plays, as well as writing in a range of genres.

Alongside this, all students have a weekly whole class reading lesson, in which the class reads a novel linked thematically to the curriculum.

key sTage four

At Key Stage 4, students follow the AQA syllabus Specification A.

The course consists of two GCSEs: English Language and English Literature. For the two English Language papers, students explore creative reading and writing (Paper 1) and writers’ viewpoints and perspectives (Paper 2). English Literature also consists of two papers: Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel (Paper 1) and Modern Texts and Poetry (paper 2). The current set texts we study are Macbeth, A Christmas Carol, An Inspector Calls and the Power & Conflict poetry anthology.

More information about the GCSE specification can be found at:

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