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History Department

Mr M Johnson Teacher of History / Assistant Head Teacher
Miss D Shaw Teacher of History



In the History department, our intent is to ENRICH our students by providing them with a rich knowledge of past events and analyse how they impact our lives today. The philosophy of the History department is that history isn’t just learning facts and past events, it is also about developing skills of historical enquiry. All students today are exposed to a range of information on social media, television and newspapers which increasingly expose them to fake news. We believe that it is important that pupils are equipped with the skills to challenge the information they are exposed to, and evaluate the accuracy and reliability of such information in order to make informed conclusions.

Key Stage Three

In Key Stage 3, students have two forty-five-minute lessons per week which focus on developing and mastering the skills of historical enquiry such as: source inference, source utility, source reliability, how interpretations differ, why interpretations differ and the evaluation of historical interpretations. These are the key foundations for our students to become successful historians at KS4 and beyond.

Key Stage Four

At Key Stage 4, students follow the Edexcel syllabus. The course consists of three exam papers. In paper one, students study Medicine through time 1250-present, which is a thematic study in which students learn about the significant people and events that have contributed to the development of modern medicine. Paper 2 is purely knowledge based and gives students the opportunity to study two different periods of history which are the American West 1835-95, and early Elizabethan England 1558-1588. Paper three is a depth study on Germany 1918-39 which focuses on the Weimar Republic and the rise of the Nazi party under Adolf Hitler.  Students are assessed on their recall of knowledge, and their ability to describe, explain and evaluate historical sources and interpretations.

More information about the current GCSE specification can be found at:

Curriculum Maps

Key Stage Three

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Key Stage Four

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