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Lostock High School

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Student Expectations

Be Ready

Ensure you are in the correct uniform, carrying the correct equipment and on time to school and lessons.

Be Respectful

Respect your teachers, other adults, your peers, your school, your community and yourselves.

Be Safe

Act with self-control and discipline both in and out of school.
Do the right thing to keep yourself and others safe and well.


Students have the right to:
  • Contribute to the Behaviour for Learning Policy
  • Be taught in environments that are caring, calm and consistent
  • Use school email and IT equipment safely and in line with the IT Acceptable Use Policy
  • Expect appropriate actions to tackle any incidents of violence, threatening behaviour, abuse, discrimination or harassment
  • Appeal to the Headteacher / Governors and the Secretary of State if they feel that the school has exercised its behaviour policy unreasonably
Students have the responsibility to:
  • Follow reasonable instructions by staff to ensure they are READY, RESPECTFUL and SAFE
  • Wear uniform with pride
  • Arrive to school on time
  • Be ready for learning
  • Ensure mobile devices (phones, iPads, headphones etc) are not visible on school site
  • Make sure they never use social media to denigrate the school, staff or other students
  • Make sure they never bring inappropriate, unsafe or unlawful items to school (lighters, matches, E-cigs, vapes, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, pornographic material, fireworks, bangers, high energy / high sugar drinks)
  • Make sure they are never in possession of an offensive / illegal weapon or anything that could be used as a weapon. This includes (but is not limited to) BB guns, imitation guns, knives, fireworks
  • Ensure they never carry out actual or threatened violence against another student or member of staff
  • Make sure they do not bring any items into school to sell for personal gain
  • Not attend school under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Cooperate with arrangements put in place to support behaviour
  • Remain on site for the school day
  • Leave school at the end of the day unless in a supervised activity
  • Act as an ambassador for the school when off site.