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Mr D Nickerson Head of Humanities
Mrs R Ferguson Teacher of Geography


Through a broad and well-balanced learning journey within Geography we support students to become well rounded global citizens. We believe that a meaningful Geography education underpins a lifelong ‘conversation’ about the earth’s interrelationships between people, places and physical processes/nature. We believe that Geography is a dynamic subject that is uniquely placed to inspire and forge a curiosity about the world they live in as well as helping them find a purposeful place for themselves within it. Pupils will not just benefit from a meaningful course of study, but through the deep development of key Geographical skills, which will have application both in and outside the classroom.

key sTage three

In Key Stage 3, students have two forty-five-minute lessons per week which focus on developing key subject knowledge that is connected together through key trends and threads that are currently shaping the world we live in today. Modules also plan for pupils to develop mastery of key geographical skills including, cartographic reading and processes of inquiry, as well as important numeracy and literacy skills. These are the key foundations for our students to become successful geographers at KS4 and beyond.  

key sTage four

At Key Stage 4, students follow the AQA A course syllabus with the rationale behind this decision being that it continues to develop broad and synoptic geographical thinkers that can connect pupils to the wider physical and human world.. The course consists of three exam papers; in paper one, students study modules based in Physical Geography, which include The challenge of natural hazards, The living world and River and Glacial landscapes in the UK. Paper 2 examines pupils knowledge of Human Geography modules, including Urban issues and challenges, The changing economic world and The challenge of resource management. Paper 3 tests their skills of Issue evaluation and their knowledge and skills from physical and human fieldwork, which they will have undertaken as part of their two year course. Throughout all three papers pupils will be tested on a range of geographical, numerical and literacy skills.

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