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Money Matters - Financial guidance for parents




GMPA Money Matters (April) 

GMPA Money Matters Programme - Did you know you have a free advice service in your school? 

We can provide anything from benefit advice, help with debts or available grants in the local area, and any crisis support. 

We can provide a benefit check to ensure that you are on the correct benefits. We have spoken to many people who think they are on the correct benefits however we have identified missing entitlement. 

How can advice help you may be wondering - is it worth me contacting?

Since the start of the project we have secured over £108,000 for local families that have benefited from advice, with an average income gain of £1700.00. 

Budgeting Tip of the Month - would you be better off on Universal Credit. 

Are you on legacy benefits?

Legacy benefits comprise working tax credits (WTC), child tax (CTC) credits, housing benefit ( HB ), income-related employment and support allowance ( ESA ), income support ( IS ) and income-based jobseeker's allowance ( JSA )

If so you may be better off on Universal Credit, a recent example of this is a family who would be better off by £320.00 a month. This can be life changing to a family if they are currently experiencing financial difficulties. There is no guarantee but it is worth checking. 

GMPA Money Matters (March) 

Did you know that Money Matters is live in Lostock High School, offering free advice on benefits, debts and boosting family incomes? An adviser trained by Citizens Advice is on hand to help you. 

Since the start of the project, we have secured over £80,000 for local families that have benefited from advice. 

You may be wondering how advice can help you, and if it is worth getting in touch.

Every family is different and sometimes our advice helps people a little, while other times it can be life changing. We recently helped a family get almost £1000 a month in missing benefits. We have also helped families to get new cookers and beds, or support with energy and utility debts. 

Could you be missing out?

Contact us today to arrange an appointment to see how we can help.

Financial Inclusion Officer Manjeet McCartney

Tel: 0161 250 6322


Mon-Fri 10am—4pm


Budgeting Tip of the Month - Check if you can get council tax support 

Council Tax Support is a reduction in your council tax bill that you may qualify for if you are on a low income.

Not everyone is aware that they are eligible for this support, and it needs to be applied for directly from the local authority. You can check your eligibility with your local council or contact us for advice.


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This is a free service and is delivered by Greater Manchester Poverty Action (GMPA) in partnership with Citizens Advice. Funding for this has been provided by Kellogg's.