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Lostock High School

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The HUB : Small Specialist Class

Mrs N Kinsey ASC Teacher - SSC The Hub
Mrs L Irwin SEN Teacher - SSC The Hub
Mrs A Moreno ASC Teaching Assistant
Miss A Fuentes ASC Teaching Assistant
Miss Dovidio ASC Teaching Assistant



This is a small nurturing specialist class for young people aged 11-16 years with an Education, Health and Care Plan. 

The class is known as the HUB (Here ‘U’ belong) and pupils can spend as much time as needed within the class situation.  

It is designed for pupils with Autism or social communication needs, without other significant learning difficulties, but for whom the environment of a large mainstream secondary school is a major barrier and causing significant anxiety. We currently have 2 qualified specialist teachers as well as specialist TA's.

Team Specialisms

Educational Psychologist Consultancy

Healthy Young Minds

Speech and Language Therapy

Sensory Occupational Therapy

Autism/social communication Consultant

All of the above includes assessment where needed
and discussion with parents and attendance at reviews where required.

A Unique Provision

The purpose of The Hub is to provide a completely bespoke educational package to each individual based on their needs. Where possible, staff in The Hub try to encourage young people to access more than 50% of their learning within the main body of the school.

Where this is not possible, or in other times, the National Curriculum is delivered within The Hub’s small specialist classroom spaces which provide familiarity and stability for the students. Specialist staff deliver lessons which are planned with social communication difficulties in mind. Lessons are multi-sensory and tailored to meet the individual needs of the pupils.

At the transition point from key stage 3 to 4, a professionals meeting will be held with the family, to create a bespoke options offer to enable the students to achieve qualifications at Key Stage 4.

The Hub. It’s a tranquil ocean, a sea of calm away from the raging rapids of the main school.

Students come here, mooring their boats knowing they are safe and sound. Its like out there – educating its residents –
but quieter. When they are ready for the challenge the pupils can hop into their boats, fire up the motor
and ride the waves of main school to eventually disappear beyond the horizon.

Bailey, HUB Student