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3 January 2023 (by Gary Quinn (GQuinn))

Supporting an anxious teen

Supporting An Anxious Teen
For parents, teachers and carers of children aged 12-18

Contact Mrs Bowler for more information

Parenting An Anxious Child
Empower you to recognise and focus on the helpful sides of anxiety.
Parenting Positively
Learn how to respond more positively when your child is experiencing anxiety.
Changing Anxiety
Learn how to use key CBT skills to help your child make changes which reduce their anxiety.
Problem Solving
Learn when to address your child’s worries with effective problem solving.
Changing Thoughts
Promote the use of cognitive restructuring strategies to challenge worries and create more balanced thinking..
Facing Fears
Facilitate recognition of the importance of children facing their fears, rather than avoiding them.
Creating A Plan
Supporting you in ongoing anxiety management planning.
Going Forward
Enhance understanding of the importance of self-esteem and resilience in staying healthy.